Just posting some random math quotes that I found funny and wanted to share with everyone else ;)
Today in class we decided to make a video in order to explain and give an introduction to statistics.
At the beginning I thought that we had to make a video in Explain Everything, which is something that I don't really like to use, however we later realise that we could make any type of video.
We started off by reading about the assigned topic and collecting all the information that we thought was relevant. We filmed the first part of the video by presenting Vova and I. By using us as an example, we explained what the difference between Qualitative (detailed/descriptive information about something or someone) and Quantitative (information which can be expressed in a numerical form) data was. The next part of our video consisted in explaining how we could apply statistics to the population. The method of doing this is by first choosing a sample that will represent the population and then carrying out the study. The reason why we do not use the data of the whole population is because it would take too much time (as well as a lot of money in some cases) to calculate everything. For this reason we take samples.
In the end, I must admit that even though using technology for math is not one of the things I enjoy doing the most, I think that this activity was really entertaining and using technology was the right method in this case.
Here attached is the link to out video:
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